Il Corazziere rural resort is a beautiful structure which includes a restaurant and a four stars hotel. However, today I would like to focus my attention on the passion of those who founded this place and who turn it into a better place every single day.

Surrounded by nature, Il Corazziere managed to find the perfect balance with its surrounding environment while offering an excellent service to its guests.


This is the principle at the base of this Rural Resort.

The structure coexists and actively interacts with its surrounding environment, that is to say Parco Lambro Valley. Such a connection is helped by the location of the resort, the island of Baggero, a tiny district of the municipality of Merone, which was established in 1722 by a group of Benedictine nuns.

Along with the ancient mill, which today is home to a photographic museum, it represents a sign of the change that the local community is committed to undertake everyday.

The structure managed to achieve the class A certificate as well as the Silver Grade achievement. This was possibile thanks to the activity of the mill and the installation of solar panels. Indeed, a whole 50% of the energy needed by the facility is produced by sun, wind, and water.

Passion and love for the environment are at the base of this rural resort and you can feel it everywhere; in the rooms, while you are having breakfast, in the facility and at the restaurant.

Let’s take a step back in order to understand the future of this place. The history of Il Carrozziere begins with Giuseppe Camesasca, who used to work as a hatter in Monza and who joined the Corps of the Royal Carabinieri.

He played a key role in foiling the murder attempt against King Vittorio Emanuele III on March 14th 1912.

At the end of his militar career, in 1919, he decided to open the Tavern of the Fishermen in Baggero di Merone, on the shores of the Lambro river.

His son Armando along with his wife Mariuccia, turned this activity into an important reality which still belongs to the Camesasca family: the Carrozziere Restaurant.

The use of high quality raw materials and ingredients and a cooking tradition which dates back to 1919 make the Carrozziere Restaurant an unmissable stop for whomever loves good yet simple food.

Here you can taste the traditional dishes of this area along with some precious wines from the Arnaldo winery, where guests can also experience some wine testing. A highly recommended activity.