Laura could tell us more about the Gattarella Family Resort!

This is by far one of the most popular request I receive in my Instagram direct. This has been our second visit to this Apulian resort located a few kilometers away from Vieste, on the Gargano coast, one of the countless corners of our extraordinary peninsula that enchants its visitors for its timeless beauty.

In order to answer to this question we need to take a step back. It is not a coincidence if Gattarella Family Resort is managed by a family – who gave birth to twins, just like us! – who has been traveling all around the world, and who has been gather enough experience to meet all the needs of a family on holidays.

The unique landscape that surrounds the structure helps a lot, there is no doubt about that! Fine sand, crystal clear water along with the sound of hundreds of cicadas singing the summer away, and the blue of the sky. The light breeze carries the scents of childhood, and the trees move their foliage while admiring the immense expanse of water standing in front of them.

But nature is not the only key element that made our stay at Gattarella Family Hotel & Residence so unique. It’s about the services, the atmosphere of the place, along with all the activities organized for the kids. It seems like everything has been made just for them. Just to name a few: beach buckets and armrests are always available; bathrooms are suitable for children; one can find changing tables in every corner. Not to mention the extreme high cleaning standards, as well the food offer designed especially for the little ones.

Last but not least, the Gattarella Family Resort is all about security! After spending the last few months living the quarantine mode in our houses trying to fight a silent and invisible enemy, the Gattarella Family Resort is incredibly concerned about making sure to guarantee the best safety to its customers. The structure indeed is hosting less customers than its capacity, while respecting all the hygienic and sanitary standards, along with the possibility to choose different options according to the needs of each single guest. This approach not only guarantees the highest safety standards for the situation we are living right now, but it is the reason why we decided to come back and spend our holidays at the Gattarella Family Resort for the second year in a row!