When Mulino Bianco calls, you can’t say no. The¬†7.20 am train from Milan Central Station took me all the way to Florence, where a bus and my travel companions where waiting for me in order to spend two very special days in Val D’Orcia.
I will start my story by telling you that – unfortunately – Antonio Banderas and Rosita didn’t show up; however, we have been entertained by a number of very interesting activities.
After driving for a couple of hours across the countryside, Mulino Bianco greeted us with a lovely lunch. And now we are ready to start our first activity.We all became chefs, somehow.. 
It only took an apron and so much curiosity in order to make some Bavarian cream with Greek yogurt. Besides berries, we added another secret ingredient to our recipe; the king of this Tuscan adventure: Buongrano, the first 100 % whole wheat cookie available on the Italian market.

Bavarian Cream with Greek Yogurt and Buongrano Cookies. Ingredients (about 20 cookies)

-20 Buongrano Mulino Bianco cookies
-125 g white Greek yogurt
-125 g fresh cream
-40 g sugar
-2 gelatin sheets
– 40 g water and 20 g sugar for syrup
-garnish: berries and/or fruit

Bavarian Cream with Greek Yogurt and Buongrano Recipe
Soak gelatin sheets in cold water. Rinse well and place in a bowl.
Whisk yogurt and sugar.
Use an electric whipper to whip cream. Add some yogurt and keep whipping.
Make a syrup by mixing water, sugar, and gelatin. Keep mixing until sugar has dissolved – do not bring it to a boil.
Pour some syrup on your cream with yogurt and keep mixing.
Now fill a pastry bag with your cream.
Place a Buongrano cookie on a plate and cover it with cream.
Garnish with berries and fruits.
After attending such a dynamic cooking class and after laughing so much… here comes our result. Some delicious cookies: the perfect treat to enjoy such a beautiful landscape.

After our cooking experience we enjoyed some relax within the beauty of Residence Casanova, the structure that hosted us during this adventure sponsored by Mulino Bianco. Later on we kept exploring some products, ingredients, as well as the cooking process that transforms raw materials into delicious and quality products.
Buongrano is the first 100% whole wheat cookie that doesn’t use¬†palm oil – an ingredient that many doctors, nutritionists and environmentalists keep questioning. It is important to see how such a big and structured¬†company like Mulino Bianco manages to be environmentally-friendly¬†and to offer products characterized¬†by a good price/quality ratio. The company – made up of two internationally known brands like Barilla and Mulino Bianco – puts the wellbeing of their consumers¬†at the core of its¬†business.

Between 2010 and 2015 the company has reformulated more than 70 products, reducing levels of saturated fats and salt. This is by far a very important goal considering that it helps eating healthier food, especially for children.After this interesting lesson about nutrition and wellbeing, we enjoyed a lovely refreshment as we were entertained by an acting group that managed to paint a big smile on our face.
We dined some regional food and spent the night chatting away.On the next day the alarm rang at 4.30; the bus left at 5am in order to discover a huge surprise.

I already told you, Antonio Banderas didn’t join us; however, a big hot-air balloon was waiting for us just¬†half an hour away from our hotel.

We flew up in the sky above the Val d’Orcia in order to enjoy the sunrise. More and more surprises were waiting for us! A huge Buongrano Mulino Bianco cookie-shaped crop circle has been created on a¬†grain¬†field! Of course, we were all overwhelmed by excitement and emotion!

I spent my Tuscan adventure along with a great group of people, enjoying wellbeing, nutrition and this delicious new product by Mulino Bianco: Buongrano, a palm oil free, 100% whole wheat cookie. As always, Mulino Bianco knows how to make you feel like home wherever you are. 

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