Take the atmosphere of the sea, the harbour of Cesenatico and the charme of the architectonic design realized by those who transformed this place into their home. Add a sprinkle of our sea, that same sea that on winter days shakes the air. If you are not full yet, take some courtesy and professionalism and your dish will be ready to be served. What about the result?

A fish restaurant facing the harbour of Cesenatico – which has been projected by Leonardo da Vinci; a place where design meets one Micheline Star. La Buca Restaurant will conquer your heart thanks to its clean elegance and the uniqueness of its dishes.

Born in 1985, this restaurant is a mix of tradition and innovation. Managed by Stefano Bartolini, the son of a fisherman who turned his love for the sea into his strength. Today the restaurant is also managed by a guy full of energy and enthusiasm, a man who is capable of designing taste: Andrea Bartolini.

Together, father and son, make a real difference within the unique context of Cesenatico. The whole restaurant has been projected  and designed by Andrea, who does pay a strong attention to details.

Gregorio Grippo, an old family friend, has been in charge of the kitchen since 1986. The sea remains the main focus of La Buca Restaurant, exalting its nature through its strength and tastiness. All you have to do is planning a visit to Cesenatico, admiring the Canal Port and enjoying the scent of the sea before treating yourself to the unique flavors of La Buca Restaurant.


Useful Info

La Buca
Corso Garibaldi n.45
Cesenatico, FC.


Il mare in un Panino


Carpaccio di ricciola, artemisia, salsa tonnata alla mandorla e riso croccante

Calamaretti arrostiti alla plancia, spumoso di patate

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Risotto acquerello, ragno pagano e cavolo nero

Spaghettini al volo Garusoli e borragine

Tutto Latte

Sorbetto basilico e lampone, granita al basilico, croccante di pistacchio