It is incredible how the urge of going beyond limits here is so tangible and real. It is incredible how laws of gravity seem to be ignored in order to boost new projects or innovative and surprising ideas. It is incredible how some areas of the city are a succession of skyscrapers and steel buildings. I have been to NY – which is famous for its skyscrapers – however, as I arrived to Abu Dhabi I was still surprised by the size of its buildings. Maybe the right word to describe this place is incredible. As incredible as the magic of these strips of sand that melt with the blue of the sky and with the shades of the ocean. You really need to use your imagination in order to see this place just like a huge desert. It takes lots of calculations and studies to build these incredible skyscrapers; they are so tall that they actually seem to touch the sky. On this side of the coast one can observe the most extreme examples of contemporary architecture. You are not surprised when you find out that the top of a building that is actually holed in order to allow air to come through. Here this is considered normality. The high number of buildings under construction make you think that in five years Abu Dhabi will feature even more Guiness World Records.

You don’t believe me? Then take a look at some pictures I have taken around the city… you will also see the Capital Gate. It has a height of 160 meters and its structure inclines 18° to the west (more than 4 times as much as our Pisa tower). This building gained the Guinness World Record as the “world’s furthest leaning tower.”


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All images are property of Laura Renieri | Pictures taken with Canon Reflex EOS 70D using Canon lens EFS 15-85 mm and/or Canon EF-S 10-22mm | All rights deserved

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